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Now in its 20th year of supplying professional occupational health services, with steady growth year-on-year even through the recession, Maitland Medical has become the partner of choice for a range of businesses. We are equally comfortable providing comprehensive 360 services for our corporate clients as we are in delivering bespoke tailored solutions for SMEs, schools and academies.
We don’t claim to be the biggest occupational health provider in the UK. Nor do we claim that our unit costs are the lowest but we do believe the way we work means a reduction in our clients overall spend. Our choice has been to provide a level of personal service where we create expectations we can deliver on. That means clients stay with us. Better still we find that as Management and HR professionals move to new posts they tend to take us with them into their new business.
Over the years we have learned that the best results come from working in partnership in the pursuit of cost-effective excellence. For us every new working partnership starts with listening and consultancy. We take great pride in what we do. In order to remain objective in our advice and delivery we never cut corners. We believe in accountability and transparency.
We don’t have a ‘sales team’. If you want to talk about working together you will always meet one of the founding partners. Occupational health is our core business and only business. It is also our passion and we are fiercely independent and insightfully thoughtful about it.
If you choose to read our ‘About Us’ page you will see that the headline says ‘Our occupational health team is there for you’.
The last line on the same page says ‘Maitland Medical will positively change your perception and value of occupational health’. That’s the feedback we get from our customers.
If you would like to talk to us about how we can keep your business more healthy please email or call us on 020 8295 8250.

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