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Occupational Health engagement usually starts with a consultation

Our principle focus is to help manage and reduce absence while promoting health and wellbeing in the workforce. Therefore when you invite us to come and discuss your occupational health requirement the first thing we do arrange a consultation with you. We listen to what you have in place, what you don't have, what you would and wouldn't like and what your budget allows. We also listen to what might not have worked in the past and problems you might have experienced.

We consider all of the ways in which we might be able to improve your provision. This helps us both identify what might be necessary initially to comply with legislation and where opportunities might exist to help you to reduce levels of absence. We can also at this stage explore options to help you to improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce to increase attendance and loyalty to your organisation.

Only after this consultation will we start to make recommendations that we believe may help make your business healthier. We want our clients to measure our success and are keen to demonstrate this. Going forward we are able to provide information to enable you to benchmark at the outset and periodically going forward:

  • Levels and reasons for absenteeism
  • Timeframes associated with the management of absence
  • Management and employee perception of the value of occupational health
  • Compliance regarding statutory health requirements
  • Employee wellbeing and fitness
  • Accidents, claims and any work related ill health