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Best practice in Occupational Health starts here

Over the years we have continued to develop and extend our offering to deliver a comprehensive range of cost-effective services throughout the UK and Ireland. In brief our areas of operation encompass the following:


We take pride in delivering a comprehensive range of services but, if you have any additional requirements, please ask as we are able to extend a number of our offerings and also provide recommendations from a range of various professional partners:

Occupational Health services


  • Maitland provides a full range of occupational health services including:
  • Full occupational health support and advice to clients (Management / HR Team)
  • Telephone support and advice for HR and line management
  • Full access to a dedicated management website offering and advice
  • Assistance in the construct and development of strategy / policies and processes
  • Occupational health audits / annual reviews and reports
  • Retention, storage and archiving of medical records
  • New starter / pre-employment health assessments
  • Night workers health assessments
  • Sickness absence / management referrals / ill health referrals (long term / frequent short term / welfare etc.)
  • Ill health retirement reviews / assessments / recommendations
  • Management of accidents at work / work related health issues
  • Work station assessments and ergonomic advice
  • Health surveillance and health screening services
  • Functional capability assessments
  • Statutory medicals
  • Preventative vaccinations
  • Employee / executive health screening / well-person medicals
  • Travel health
  • Health promotion activities and a health and wellbeing website
  • Drug and alcohol advice/support & testing at employment, for cause and random programmes run
  • Occupational hygiene services
  • First Aid training and updating
  • Rehabilitation support and services
  • EAP lines / dedicated support lines / critical incident support
  • Telephone absence management


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Health and safety

Working to support the environmental health and safety team, we provide an extensive range of services including occupational hygiene. Our aim is to help in identifying any statutory requirements and provide cost effective options for support.

Services include:

  • DSE / Eyesight testing
  • Ergonomic workstation assessments
  • First aid training and updates
  • Pregnancy assessments
  • Occupational hygiene services
  • COSHH support and advice
  • Reports following accidents / incidents at work


We are also happy to support Health and Safety teams in the development or updating of health related policies and procedures.


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Employee Wellbeing and Health Promotion

Balancing the physical, psychological, social, environmental and economic factors is essential in optimising the health and wellbeing of your workforce. By understanding the effects of work on health, and the effects of health on work, capability and performance, we can help each organisation identify relevant strategies to educate and support employees in achieving healthier lifestyles.

Maitland work in partnership to offer tailored highly cost effective Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) to offer basic first line telephone support and with access to counselling. 

Maitland offers a dedicated employee wellbeing website ‘I Will’ together with a broad range of wellbeing services. These include a range of exciting and interactive workshops and challenges designed around specific company requirements. They offer tailored guidance on optimising physical and mental wellbeing, looking at work/life balance and considering a multitude of topics that look to benefit their health both in and out of work. Tailored programmes can be designed to optimise health and safety while and work eg:  Drivers offered bespoke guidance on sleep / fatigue / eyesight / ergonomics when driving / looking after your heart etc.

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Rehabilitation Services

We provide a highly personalised service through a dedicated team of case managers, doctors, nurses and specialists all of whom hold extensive general medical, occupational health and rehabilitation experience.

Whether working with employers, insurers or solicitors, each case is reviewed in context; taking into account costs, funding and potential outcomes, and then agreeing rehabilitation support programmes. Each programme provides fast, cost-effective access to treatment and support (no additional fees are placed on any treatments, investigations or appointments).

Services include:
  • Desktop/telephone management to provide support while co-ordinating NHS treatment until return to work
  • Treatment referral (physiotherapy, counselling, investigations, specialist referral, etc.)
  • Personal injury services
  • Forensic note reviews
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation case management


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Medicolegal Reports and Insurance Support

Our medical and clinical specialists provide CMO support for claims and underwriting for a number of leading insurance groups and at Lloyd's of London. An in-house medical team is on hand to compile a comprehensive range of claimant and defendant medical note reviews, study personal injury claims and provide occupational health reports. 

Services include:

  • Medical note reviews
  • Chief Medical Officer support
  • Claims and underwriting support
  • Personal injury reports
  • Specialist occupational health reports


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