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A comprehensive occupational health service for bigger businesses

Maitland Medical has extensive experience in delivering occupational health services to large and multi-site organisations. Our engagements vary in size but we support clients with staff complements well in excess of 60,000 employees across a nationally distributed network of locations. Whether you require guidance and recommendations regarding an employee who is absent 5 days a month working in the Highlands of Scotland, a Senior Executive travelling abroad on a business trip requiring travel advice and vaccinations, an ergonomic assessment on a company vehicle or an occupational health nurse in regular attendance to help advise on absence management and returning employees to work, we tailor all of our services to support you.

A structured approach to corporate occupational health

We approach large and multi-site engagements in a structured way agreeing the many inputs and outputs that will result in the occupational health provision you require and the management information needed to support it. Where possible we like to follow a 6 point ‘Route Map’ to delivery:

  1. Discovery - we listen carefully from the outset, ask extensive questions and carry out a range of audits to establish what is in place in respect of your existing circumstances and arrangements.  We also ask what has worked and what hasn't in the past and what you feel you would like done better.
  2. Scope - we’ll work closely with you to determine and agree an exact brief within your defined budget establishing the priorities for the business and the 'nice to haves'.
  3. Service development - we will build a strategic time-phased action plan for your approval
  4. Testing - we will roll out and test the service provision agreed ensuring we continue listening to you and gaining feedback throughout
  5. Launch and delivery - the entire service is launched and rolled out through the organisation with any adjustments made in response to your feedback
  6. Report and review - we believe ongoing audit throughout the course of our involvement is essential to ensure the service continues to meet expectations and deliver what we promise

Making Occupational Health pay for itself

We aim to work closely with clients to reduce absenteeism. We firmly believe that by working closely with each client we can deliver long term savings. Our long-term objective is to ensure the service we provide pays for itself. However, whilst some of our services deliver an immediate benefit, our experience tells us that the core objective for most organisations is to manage and reduce absenteeism and, going forward, develop a culture of health and wellbeing throughout the organisation.