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Delivering the occupational health your business needs

We work with a wide range of organisations of varying sizes and across many different sectors. Now approaching our 20th year delivering best practice occupational health advice, our team of Specialists actively enjoy working with a variety of clients. Our employee and client retention rate is exceptional with no organisation either too big or too small. Whilst our biggest customer has over 60,000 staff distributed throughout the UK our smallest is a local company with less than 30 employees.

Our overall client portfolio is wide ranging and, in no particular order, includes:

  • Housing associations
  • Retail and manufacturing
  • Service industries
  • Schools, academies and colleges
  • Charities, hospices and charitable organisations
  • Professional bodies and organisations
  • Transport & logistics
  • Industry bodies / Trade Unions
  • Security
  • Facilities management
  • Public sector organisations


Tailoring occupational health to each business

Every business is different. Every business has specific requirements of what they need and what they would like. Each one needs to be assessed and resourced in a different way to ensure optimal delivery operationally and within budget.