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An occupational health service you can’t afford to be without

We understand that engaging an occupational health partner comes at a cost and that in a testing economic and commercial environment every business needs to look closely at the ‘bottom line’. However we firmly believe that beyond ensuring legislative compliance the support provided does serve to reduce employee absence and genuinely provide a return on investment. Furthermore, as the economy recovers a caring employer visibly supporting good health and wellbeing is an attractive proposition for new starters and secures staff retention.

Absenteeism can be a major problem for smaller businesses and although it can be hard to exactly establish the cost of ‘lost work days’ the CBI reports that on average annual absence per employee costing excess of £700. Every business is different and will incur different costs but by the time you factor in having to pay somebody for not working, find and pay for temporary ‘cover’, add the costs of management time, and allow for loss of productivity, the numbers soon add up.

Low cost occupational health subscription

can be based on the estimated usage of services, or alternatively on the number of staff employed. Any additional specific specialist service you may require can be provided if needed and costed on a ‘menu’ basis.

All services are delivered by our team of health professionals and a typical basic package may include:

  • An initial meeting and occupational health review to discuss the company activity, requirements, policies and procedures in place
  • Access to our Management website and interactive employee wellbeing website
  • A telephone advice support line available to Management/HR
  • A guaranteed number of new starter health reviews
  • A number of sickness absence referrals
  • Travel health advice for business travel
  • Management information relating to all occupational health issues/recommendation

Every business is different and each may have specific different requirements but in general our experience shows that a basic package tailored to each organisation serves to cover the majority of core occupational health needs. Most importantly we believe we offer peace of mind regarding compliance by making best practice and professional advice available at your fingertips. We’re there to give you advice, guidance and support whenever you need it.